Future of Marketing

Poniżej fragment wywiadu z Seth Godin, nowym guru marketingu.

Pytanie brzmi: jeśli byś zamknął firmę, to kto by za tobą tęsknił? Czy komuś byłoby brak twoich produktów i usług?

This idea of customer tribes is one of Godin’s most celebrated concepts. In a nutshell it suggests that by connecting likeminded people and creating a platform for their interaction, people and organisations are able to create their own tribe – and ultimately lead it. It’s an inspiring idea, and one that has gained legs thanks to the growing ineffectiveness of traditional customer engagement efforts via marketing.

 „Organisations that want to do marketing, used to do marketing by interrupting people. They used to do it by yelling at people who didn’t want to hear from them about things they didn’t want to hear about, and they figured that if they just yelled at people often enough they’d make enough money to earn it back.

 „Well the world has changed pretty dramatically. We have discovered that people don’t pay attention to ads, they don’t respond to the ads and they don’t remember the ads. But what the internet is doing is making it easier to follow people you want to follow, to connect to people you want to connect to. So the future of marketing, as it turns out, is leadership. If you do something that people want to follow, if you connect people they want to be connected to, they all join a tribe – a group of people interesting in accomplishing something. And if you can lead a tribe, then the marketing will take care of itself.”

When it comes to setting up a tribe – and making a success of it – Godin has the following pieces of advice:
  • Be ‚human’ – „People don’t want to follow a committee. They want to follow a person. The most important thing to do is to be a person, to make a product that someone should buy because they want to not because you pushed it on them. To tell the truth. To be authentic. To be a human being and connect with people.”
  • You don’t have to have a big tribe to be successful – „Tribes don’t have to be very big to be effective. If you have 1,000 true fans, 1,000 people who will drive across the country to see you perform, 1,000 people who will tell their friends, that is enough to make an impact.”
  • Understand that not everyone wants to be in your tribe, and not everyone should be in your tribe – „One of the most difficult things to do as a small business person is to say ‘you’re not in’ and ‘you can’t do this’ because we want everyone to be our customer. But tribes, all of them, succeed because there are outsiders. You can’t have insiders if you don’t have outsiders.”

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